Lwala’s Supporters in 2023

*Monthly givers

See our Founders’ Circle for the Lwala Community Hospital Endowment here


RippleWorks Foundation
CRI Foundation
Jasmine Social Investments
Children's Investment Fund Foundation


TJ and Seran Glanfield*
Grand Challenges Canada
Ray and Tye Noorda Foundation
The ELMA Foundation
The Ripple Foundation
Dovetail Foundation
Imago Dei Fund
The Erik E. & Edith H. Bergstrom Foundation

One World Children’s Fund
Crown Family Philanthropies
Mulago Foundation
The Patchwork Collective
Epic Foundation
Comic Relief
Emergent BioSolutions
Jester Foundation
Vitol Foundation


Segal Family Foundation
Stichting Dioraphte 
Greenwood Place 
Posettes Foundation
Vanderbilt University
Bohemian Foundation 
Izumi Foundation
Godley Family Foundation


Chris and Kirstin Hobday
Hobday Family Foundation*
IROH Foundation 
DAK Foundation 
Woven Foundation 


Elizabeth and Stephen Carr*
Sarah and Peter Lanfer
Joseph Lalka and Teresa Ribadeneyra*
Tom and Ainin Edman 
Cole and Christen Barfield 
Thrill Hill Foundation 
Conrad Hilton Foundation 


Susan and Lewis Greenstein
Constance Shumba*
Constance Britton
Harry and Jeanne Baxter
Kevin and Kristin Harney
Ashley Marks*
Jessie and Brian Adams*
Kathryn and Mike Saunders 
Lee and Mary Barfield*
Jim and Robin Herrnstein
Neal Brad Thomason
Julie and Paul Pottinger 
Suzanne and Thad King 
Alison Chase 
Brian and Mary Campbell 


Leigh and Morgan Hillenmeyer*
Annabel and Tim Barger*


Bernard Trappey
Bernadette Leber and 
Thomas Folan
Kelley Barnaby
Dr. Xylina Bean
Erik Wang and Brianne Johnson
Milton and Laura Ochieng’*
Jocelyn and Brain Mason*
Hunter and Glencora King
Glen Tullman*
Izhar Mbarani 
Erin Blackford 
John and Sallie Bailey
Abisola Ajayi 
Charles Clericuzio
Kristina Swenson
Andy and Katie Friedland*
Fred Ochieng’ and Aimee Abizera
Diane and Gus Lee 
Steffani Starry
Barry and Tess Russell 
Frank and Ann Bumstead 
Dean Savell 
Jeff Weller 
Jody and Craig
Michelle Lorenzini Schumacher and Michael Schumacher
Paul Teschan
Kirby and Jim Ellis
Bill and Tracy Frist*
Marilyn Paganucci
Sheila and Daniel Riesel
Joseph and Kimberly Wehby
Karen and Justin Hill*
Victoria Heil*
Bonnie Leber and Thomas Folan
Constance Britton*
Susan Douglas and Felix Dowsley
Erik Wang and Brianne Johnsen
Alecia Foster
Jody & Craig Maughan
Milton and Laura Ochieng’ In Memory of Naphtali Bondo Ligawa
Daniel Borkenstein
Elizabeth and Bill Hawkins


Ross and Autumn Carper
Russell Fitzgerald
David and Rachel Ignacio*
Robert and Paulette File
Jamie and David Sauerburger
Erin Ricci*
George Srour
Bill and Sarah Young
Betty and Julius Mbeya*
Jonathan Andereck
Jeff and Melinda Balser
James Brown and Katherine Harris 
John Gitau and Rosemary Chege
Susan Glick
Julia and John Morris
Dr. Joquetta Paige
Carolyn Woodford-Richardson
Richard Fitzgerald
Friederich Geck
Laura Edwards*
Yancey and Dan Bradley
Erin and Tim O’Donovan
Jeffrey Tillus*
Richard Wamai
Jeff Andrews and Michele Marston 
Judson and Carol Burnham
Alecia Foster
Dorothy and Clay Sifford
John and Mary Zic*
Janice and John Skelton
Barbara and David Andereck
William and Jane Krafft
Stuart and Penelope
Ben Keh and Pat Gee
William and Sheryl Breetz
Matthew Forti
Erik Olsen
Fayne Ansley
John W. Harris, Harris Family Foundation
Cynthia Moore
Paul Saunders
Joel and Hilary Stanton*
John and Anne Tatum
Jim and Brooke Walker
Evie Brown

Program Partners

Kenya Ministry of Health
Kenya Ministry of Gender, Children, and Social Development
Big Bang Philanthropy
Center for International Health, Education, and Biosecurity—Kenya
Community Health Impact Coalition
Community Health Units for Universal Health Coverage
Dandelion Africa
Digital Medic
Education for All Children
Global Green and Healthy Hospitals
Living Goods
MSI Reproductive Choices
National Health Insurance Fund
Princeton in Africa
Regional Education Learning Initiative
University of California San Francisco
University of Maryland Baltimore
Vanderbilt Institute of Global Health
Village Enterprise

Agency, health, and wholeness of life.

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