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Kenya Based Jobs

WASH Consultant

Lwala Community Alliance leverages a BOTTOM-UP APPROACH in an all-out effort to drastically reduce maternal and child mortality in western Kenya. We are tackling the key drivers of deaths – unplanned pregnancies, mother-to-child transmission of HIV, poor prenatal care, unskilled deliveries, poor clinical practices, lack of emergency transport, and delayed treatment of childhood illnesses. WASH Vulnerable populations and HIV are important components that we focus on for the improvement of the quality of life, prevention of communicable diseases and reduction of under-five mortality. While at this, Lwala works with vulnerable populations including Persons with Disability and hence the need to offer specific skills to CHWs who are at the center of delivering services in our Community-Led Model to enable them to adequately deliver health HIV and WASH services and messages without leaving anyone behind. Job Description

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United States Based Jobs

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Lwala is a member of the Community Health Impact Coalition - an initiative of some of global health's most innovative implementers to catalyze the adoption of high-impact community health systems design. You can learn about job opportunities with fellow coalition members here.

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