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 $5M goal

It costs $600,000 a year for Lwala Community Hospital to provide the highest quality care to our communities. Our vision is that an endowment covers these operating costs in perpetuity. With your support, we are seeding $5 million to make this vision a reality. Your gift will unlock health care for generations

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$5M endowment + local revenue = 100% hospital operating costs

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Endowment fund, and other Lwala news
First bricks of the hospital are laid in 2007
In 2022, Lwala Community Hospital received more than 75,000 patients

Communities at the center of our founding story

In 2007, community members came together to open Lwala Community Hospital in Western Kenya with a clear vision–that the hospital would provide health care and save lives for generations to come. Today, you can secure that future and the long-term sustainability of the hospital by donating to the Lwala Community Hospital Endowment. This endowment will help fulfill a promise that no woman, child, or family in Lwala communities will go without access to life-saving health care. Read a full history here.

Shifting power into the hands of communities

At their core, endowments are a shift in power. By contributing to the Lwala Community Hospital Endowment, you are making a long-term investment in the community’s future–and signaling that you trust our health workers to continue saving lives. Lwala is at the forefront of the sector in its decision to create an endowment for our hospital. Leading social change strategists are making the argument that seeding Black-led endowments is one of the most impactful investments in long-term change

Mothers await nutrition counseling, breastfeeding support, and immunization appointments in this waiting area outside the hospital
Salome* is one of the 2,024 women who received an antenatal ultrasound at Lwala Community Hospital last year
*All names have been changed to protect individual privacy

Providing Health Care for All

Lwala boasts a 97% skilled delivery rate for laboring women in the region. We have maintained a 98% success rate preventing mother-to-baby transmission of HIV since 2016, and 98% of children under 5 in the area are fully immunized. Lwala Community Hospital is the cornerstone of these changes and has earned its reputation as a center of excellence.

Creating a Shared Legacy

When the endowment was launched, dozens of members of our staff stepped forward to take an ongoing monthly deduction from their paychecks and put it toward the hospital endowment fund. Our team is invested because we see the endowment as a transfer of ownership from donor dependence to local communities.

Learn more about the Lwala Community Hospital Endowment

We invite you to be a part of a shared legacy that will outlive us all. If you would like more information about making your name part of Lwala’s legacy and planning a vision trip to Lwala, please contact Mary Mulliken.

Agency, health, and wholeness of life.

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