Our Model

We unlock the potential of communities to advance their own comprehensive well-being

Lwala is on a mission to transform health care for all 47.5 million people in Kenya–and communities are the engine of that change. Given the opportunity and support, community-born solutions can reduce maternal and infant mortality, improve child health, reduce gender disparities, and secure health for all. Lwala walks alongside our communities on the journey to change. We are driven by our core values: community-driven, excellence, dignity, innovation, integrity, and neighborliness.

Systems Change

In partnership with government, we bridge the gap between communities and policymakers, ensuring that local solutions are translated into policies–ultimately unlocking better health for millions of people across Kenya.
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Community-Led Health

Our community-led health model relies on community health workers who bring services to every household, community groups who unlock new solutions to improve health, facilities that provide high-quality care informed by what their patients want, and data that captures the impact of community-led change. 
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Agency, health, and wholeness of life.

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