Our Team

Our team of 103 full-time professionals and hundreds of Community Health Workers bring together decades of work experience in global health, research, and operations management.

  • 96%

    Kenyan Staff

  • 56%

    Hired from the community we serve

  • 48%

    Women across all positions

  • 66%

    Women in senior leadership

Staff Spotlights

Our Board

Our Global Council is a forum through which our Kenya Board and US Board collaborate. It is comprised of a diverse group of individuals committed to wholeness of life in Lwala & beyond:

Jessie Adams (Chair), Melizsa Mugyenyi (Vice Chair), Stephen Carr (Treasurer), George Srour (Secretary), Fred Ochieng’ (Co-Founder), Milton Ochieng’ (Co-Founder),  Constance Shumba, Gladys Onyango, Richard Wamai and Thomas Glanfield.

Our Lwala Village Development Committee is an advisory group comprised of founding members of our organization. These individuals are important community leaders tasked with engaging both the organization and our communities:

Gervasse Nykinye (Chair), Shem Ooko, Charles Obong’o, David Odwar, Perpetua Okong’o, Charles Obunga, John Obunga, Rose Onyango, Samson Mbori, Robinson Mbori, and Musa Odhiambo.