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Adrian Ochieng

Product Manager, Digital Systems
As Digital Systems Product Manager, Adrian works to build and improve on Lwala’s digital tools that aid community health workers in service delivery and accurate reporting of key health indicators. He is passionate about using digital tools and technology to promote equitable access to healthcare. Prior to joining Lwala, Adrian worked at Virah Health Consulting, Ponea Health and Twiga Foods Limited where he led teams that built digital health solutions and championed data-driven approaches for efficient supply chain systems. Adrian holds a Postgraduate Diploma in Data Science and Analytics, Bachelor of Pharmacy and a Certificate in Business Intelligence and Data Analytics. Adrian is inspired to work for Lwala because he is able to see directly the impact of deploying digital tools to help community health workers in service delivery. He looks forward to directly engaging local communities and receiving feedback that will build his knowledge on people centered design and development.

Agency, health, and wholeness of life.

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