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Elizabeth Akinyi

Program Coordinator, Community Health Services

Elizabeth Akinyi Obiero coordinates community health services as well as water sanitation and hygiene (WASH) services. Growing up close to Lwala, Elizabeth witnessed children in her neighbourhood fall ill from diseases that may have been avoided, which piqued her interest in community health services. She holds a bachelor's degree in development studies from Maseno University, an ongoing master's degree in research and public policy from Maseno University, and a diploma in social work and community development from Kisii University. She held positions as an international WASH Trainer, WASH Coordinator at Groups of Women in Agriculture, and a nurse at Nightingale Hospital before joining Lwala. "The community owns so many of the activities, so together we can be proud of what we have accomplished," she says, expressing her pride in Lwala's connections to the community.




Agency, health, and wholeness of life.

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