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Hellen Gwaro

Director of Programs

Hellen Gwaro serves as Lwala’s Director of Programs, where she is responsible for driving the mission of the organization through program implementation. Hellen believes in transformation of one life at a time and its ripple effects. Prior to joining our team, she worked with USAID and CDC HIV programs for seven years, and three years with youth and adolescents in reproductive health. Hellen has a Master’s in Public Health, a Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing from University of Eastern Africa, Baraton, and completed a fellowship in Monitoring and Evaluation at the University of Nairobi. “Lwala resonates with my heart’s desire, which is to empower ‘the smallest’ in society and bring out the best in them. I was to support individuals and communities where it matters the most.”



Agency, health, and wholeness of life.

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