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Leah Agutu Oyugi

Community Health Worker

Leah is a former traditional birth attendant who became one of Lwala’s first community health workers. “Being a traditional birth attendant, we didn’t have a lot of things to help mothers. We worked barehanded without protection. If there was a difficulty, hospitals were not near for help, so many women died,” she says. “Getting trained as a community health worker affected my life greatly.We were told the dangers of giving birth outside of the facility, and now we encourage women to go for skilled delivery– this has reduced the mortality of the women and the babies.” Today, Leah is a mentor for other Lwala-supported community health workers and a highly-respected role model in her community. Leah is proud to have 10 grandchildren who were all delivered at Lwala Community Hospital, assisted by skilled providers.



Every mother deserves a safe delivery. Every child deserves a 5th birthday.

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