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Tracy Akinyi

People & Culture Manager

As the Manager People & Culture, Tracy ensures that the passionate multicultural team of professionals at Lwala strive to deliver in advance community-led health with dedicated hearts and minds. The Lwala team together with the community health workers bring together decades of work experience in global health, research, and operations management therefore with this she ensures resources and strategies are interlinked. She is the face of Lwala amongst our able professionals, including potential hires and her specialty is with People and the Culture that drives them to deliver impact through our community health led model. Prior to joining Lwala, Tracy worked at Safaricom and M-KOPA overseeing the People team in Kenya, Uganda and Nigeria where she was able to grow People and their Organization culture in different Human Resource capacities. Tracy holds a Bachelor’s degree in Human Resource Management, a Higher Diploma in Human Resource, a Certificate in Crisis Communication for Human Resource and a Certificate in Strategic Human Resources. Tracy is inspired to work with Lwala because she prides herself in impacting lives and that is what Lwala does for the People in the Communities. “My love for impact drives me, people are my area of impact and hence my mantra is, just as Maya Angelou puts it,’’ Just do right – It may not be expedient, or profitable, but it will satisfy souls.”


Agency, health, and wholeness of life.

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