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Winnie Oyugi

Program Manager, Adolescents & Youth

Winnie is a Program Manager with Lwala’s Adolescents & Youth program, and she spearheads initiatives to combat teenage pregnancy and keep young people in school. Winnie grew up in Lwala, just a few steps from where Lwala Community Hospital stands today. After she lost her father to HIV-related complications and her mother’s health deteriorated, she struggled to stay in school–but she was driven to build a better future for herself and her community. Winnie’s first job was an internship with Lwala. She has since risen through the organization, taking on increasingly more senior roles, and in holds a diploma in Human Resource Management from Rongo University, and she is currently pursuing a degree in Sociology and International Studies. Winnie loves working with the young people of Lwala: “I have Lwala in my heart because of the impact it has had in my community, in my family, and to me Lwala is a learning hub,” she says.



Every mother deserves a safe delivery. Every child deserves a 5th birthday.

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